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In a surprise twist that has left party members in stitches, OKGOP Chairman Nathan Dahm was allegedly overheard discussing his ultimate Halloween costume strategy for the upcoming party. Sources reveal that Dahm’s plan was to outdo everyone by masquerading as the one, the only, Wayne Hill, Vice Chairman and reputed backbone of the party.

The strategy, dubbed “Operation Vice Virtue,” was simple: Dahm would enter the venue as Wayne Hill, dazzling everyone with Hill’s iconic leadership flair and undeniable charisma. Midway through the evening, in a dramatic reveal, he would unmask himself, proving that, while he might lead the party, even he knows who the real hero is.

Inspired attendees quickly jumped on the bandwagon, with a flurry of other costume ideas emerging:

  • The “Debt Dread”: A costume covered in zeros, representing the terrifying $33 TRILLION national debt. A chilling reminder that numbers can indeed be spooky.
  • The “Cultural Chameleon”: A diverse ensemble that pays homage to various cultures, with a cheeky nametag reading “Justin, not Just Any Trudeau.”
  • The “Democrat Decoder”: A wearable screen flashing a series of bewildering statements, showcasing the art of talking without saying anything.
  • The “Gender Games Champion”: An athlete’s outfit with medals from both male and female sports, a nod to the latest trends in competitive fairness.
  • And the ultimate horror costume, the “Fact Phantom”: A specter draped in undeniable truths, guaranteed to send any leftist running.

When asked for a comment on the alleged strategy, Dahm, with a twinkle in his eye, said, “Well, they always say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And who better to imitate than the legend, Wayne Hill?”

Bart Willbee

Bart Willbee, a native of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Editor-in-Chief of Bartlesville Bee, a satire website.

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